Due to European laws, we are no longer allowed to offer map services for the representation of ship positions. We are sorry that we can no longer provide this service.
Here you can follow the current position of the AIDAcara live with the help of the radar chart. Ship movements are displayed here in real time using GPS coordinates. In addition, ship information and pictures are provided.

Live webcam AIDAcara © Aida Cruises

Here you can see the current view of the AIDAcara from the bow camera. The image updates itself at regular intervals, unfortunately we have no influence on that, because the update is carried out by the provider, the Aida Cruises.

Travel-Routes AIDAcara © Aida Cruises

AIDAcara drives from Majorca to Gran Canaria for 8 days:


Duration: 8 Days

Route: Mallorca – Alicante – Malaga – Cadiz – Fuerteventura – Lanzarote – Gran Canaria

from 699,- Euro p.P. – check the offer:

For 14 days the AIDAcara drives to the Azores & Canaries.


Duration: 14 Days

Route: Gran Canaria – Teneriffa – La Gomera – La Palma – Azoren – Madeira – Fuerteventura – Lanzarote – Gran Canaria

from 849 Euro,- p.P. – check the offer:

In the spring, AIDAcara drives to various Scandinavian cities:


Duration: 7 Days

Route: Kiel – Stavanger / Lysefjord – Oslo – Göteborg – Kopenhagen – Kiel

from 895,- Euro p.P. – check the offer:

AIDAcara Shipdata

ShipyardKvaerner Masa Yards, Turku
Port of registryGenua
Shipping companyAIDA Cruises
OwnerCosta Crociere
Language on boardGerman
Length193,34 m
Width30,81 m
Draughtmax. 6 m
Speed20 Knots
Deadweight3752 t
Bars & Clubs5
AIDAcara was the first ship of the AIDA range and was put into service in 1996 and most recently modernized in 2016. It is slightly smaller than your sister ships, the AIDAvita and the AIDAaura, making it the smallest ship in the entire AIDA fleet. This allows her to sail as the only ship on the Kiel Canal, which prescribes a 40m altitude limit. Until 2001, the ship was under the name “AIDA – The Club Ship” on the road and only then received the valid until today name AIDAcara. With 590 cabins it offers space for 1186 passengers on 11 decks for recreation, relaxation and simply as an experience. Three restaurants and five bars provide culinary enjoyment. The ship is powered by four diesel engines with 5,430 KW each. The interior cabins are 14.5 square meters, outside cabins are 13.5-17 square meters and the balcony cabins offer 20.5 square meters of space including a balcony. The junior suites have 31 square meters and the premium suites 55 square meters. Guests of the Premium Suites share a common sundeck of approximately 82 square meters.


  • Inside cabin – 14,5 m², 1-3 Persons
  • Outside cabin – 13,5-17 m², 1-4 Persons
  • Balcony cabin – 20 m², 1-2 Persons
  • Junior Suite with balcon – 31 m², 1-3 Persons
  • Suite – 55 m², 1-3 Persons

Restaurants, Bars & Highlights

  • 3 Restaurants
  • 5 Bars & Lounges
  • Theater
  • Art gallery
  • Volleyball/- Basketballfield
  • Kids Club
  • Saunas
  • Fitnessstudio
  • Golfsimulator
  • Joggingparcours
Innenkabine - AIDAcara
Inside cabin
Aussenkabine - AIDAcara
Outside cabin
Balkonkabine - AIDAcara
Balcony cabin
Suite - AIDAcara

Interactive 3D Shiptour AIDAcara © Aida Cruises

Here you can explore the whole ship via 3D Tour . Use the Play button to select the various ship areas and then use the mouse to control the camera. If you do not do anything, an automatic camera rotation is activated. Other viewpoints are represented by a rectangle with a plus in the middle, by clicking on it, you get there.

Shipdecks - AIDAcara

Look at the cover plans of AIDAcara here. Only the decks that are accessible to passengers are displayed. If there are cabins on the deck, they will be shown accordingly. The decks scroll automatically, but you can also click through them manually.

Videos: Shiptour - AIDAcara

With the video tour you can get an overall impression of the AIDAcara. So the various decks, restaurants, bars and recreational opportunities are presented.

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