Due to European laws, we are no longer allowed to offer map services for the representation of ship positions. We are sorry that we can no longer provide this service.
With the Harborradar Bremerhaven you can watch boat traffic in and around Bremerhaven , You can see which ships are currently anchored in Bremerhaven and which arrive soon. In addition to passenger ships, you will also find cargo ships or speedboats on the map. For each ship you will find pictures and detailed information, such as speed, draft or home port. Bremerhaven was once the largest fishing and emigration port in Europe. The seaport is still one of the largest export centers in Germany. It is one of Europe’s leading car hubs and is becoming more and more important for the offshore wind energy industry. The German Maritime Museum and the lighthouse Bremerhaven are also nationally known tourist destinations.

Harborradar Bremerhaven - Container handling Bremerhaven

Hafenradar Bremerhaven

In front of Bremerhaven you can see a lot of traffic, because Bremerhaven is a major transhipment point for international import and export. The harbor complex of Bremerhaven has a length of nearly 5 km and offers the world’s longest interconnected river quay with 14 moorings for container ships. This makes the port the fourth largest container port in Europe.


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Among other things, there is an overview of the vessels expected soon.

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