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The Harborradar Cuxhaven shows you the shipping traffic in and around Cuxhaven. The city with about 48,000 inhabitants is located at the northernmost point of Lower Saxony and at the North Sea estuary of the Elbe. The landmark of the city is the Kugelbake, a wooden maritime landmark, which marks the end of the Elbe and the beginning of the North Sea geographically. It is still a popular tourist attraction today and offers a great view of arriving and departing ships from Hamburg. In addition, the observation deck “old love”, which was built in 1733 as a jetty and breakwater, offers an excellent view of the world shipping route.

Harborradar Cuxhaven - Weltschiffahrtsweg Cuxhaven

Hafenradar Cuxhaven
Before Cuxhaven there is a lot of shipping traffic and corresponding ship movements to observe. This is because Cuxhaven is located on the world shipping route, which is very busy. With the Cuxhaven Harbor Radar you can keep a close watch on shipping traffic and track which ships arrive or depart here. In addition, Cuxhaven harbor is one of the largest fishing ports in Germany. Cuxhaven is also known for the wind turbine industry. As a result, completely assembled offshore facilities and components are handled here. The port is also able to serve as a landing place for large cargo or cruise ships.

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