The Harborradar Hamburg shows you the shipping traffic in and around the Hanseatic city , as well as in the Elbe. With about 1.86 million inhabitants, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and, of course, significantly influenced by the port. It is the largest seaport in Germany and the third largest in Europe . This is a so-called tidal port, which means that the port is located in a tidal area and open to the sea. To get a feel for the size of the port, let’s take a look at some 7200 hectares of land, which in 2016 handled some 138 million tonnes of goods. Not least because of its size, there is always a lot going on in the Port of Hamburg, which makes the ship search particularly exciting.

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Harborradar Hamburg - about the port

Hafenradar Hamburg
The Port of Hamburg is located about 100 km from the Elbe estuary on the Lower Elbe. He harbors about 300 berths for seagoing vessels, 4 container terminals, 3 cruise terminals and about 50 handling facilities for goods of all kinds. In addition to the many cargo ships, also put in Hamburg many Cruise Ships. This includes the Queen Mary 2, which has been serviced and serviced a number of times in Hamburg has been. Hamburg is already one of the most popular cruise destinations in Europe and is still being used increasingly by the increasing number of passengers. The port is already equipped for the future and the ever-growing ships. This means that even the largest ships in the world can easily dock in the Port of Hamburg, including the large container ships with more than 20,000 t capacity. The port of the Hanseatic city is always busy, so the harbor radar offers a lot of boat movements and attractions.

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