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The Mediterranean map shows how busy the shipping traffic is in this area. It is one of the most important shipping and trade routes in the world and is mainly used for trade between Europe, Africa and Asia. The Mediterranean is also known for the fact that again and again refugees from Africa translate by boats and ships to Europe, a sometimes very dangerous undertaking. However, the Mediterranean is mainly known for its tourism around the Mediterranean islands. These include Sicily, Cyprus, Crete, Malta, Mallorca, Ibiza and many more. The Mediterranean extends over approximately 2.5 million km² and reaches a depth of 5267 meters at its lowest point. It is divided into a western and an eastern part of the Mediterranean, but due to the many side branches and bays, it is still further subdivided.

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The Mediterranean lies between Europe, Africa and Asia and is a side sea of the Atlantic Ocean, with which it is connected by the Strait of Gibraltar. Since the connection is very narrow, the Mediterranean belongs to the inland seas. It is also known in the Arab world as a white sea. Above all, the Mediterranean is known for its islands, which are characterized by strong tourism. The Mediterranean offers its own climate, the so-called Mediterranean climate, which has produced its own flora and fauna.

AIDA Mediterranean Sea Travels

AIDAstella Route 3

In summer, the AIDAstella drives off the Mediterranean highlights:


Duration: 10 Days


Route: Mallorca – Olbia – Palermo – Neapel – Rom / Civitavecchia – Florenz / Livorno – Ajaccio – Barcelona

from 899 Euro,- p.P. – check the offer:

AIDAprima Route 3

The AIDAperla drives for 7 days the largest pearls in the Mediterranean:


Duration: 7 Days


Route: Mallorca – Ajaccio – Rom / Civitavecchia – Florenz / Livorno – Barcelona

from 879 Euro,- p.P. – check the offer:

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