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The North Sea is one of the world’s most important shipping and trade routes, serving Central and Northern Europe as access to world markets. Europe’s largest ports are all in the North Sea. In addition to Hamburg, these mainly include Rotterdam, Antwerp and Bremerhaven. On an area of over 575,000 square kilometers, countless ships, boats or yachts are on the road every day. Above all, cruise ships and freighters are to be found here. With the help of the Shipradar North Sea you can closely observe shipping traffic in the North Sea and track individual ships live or you can view more information.

about the North Sea

Schiffsradar Nordsee
The North Sea belongs to the Atlantic Ocean and is located in northwestern Europe. It is enclosed by 3 sides of land. About 80 million people live on the shores of the North Sea, which is almost the same as in Germany as a whole. For tourism, the sea or the adjacent coasts is extremely important. The North Sea is also an important trade route and Europe’s gateway to world markets. The Channel to the south is even the busiest shipping lane in the world. In addition to fishing, the North Sea is also used for natural gas and oil production.

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