Due to European laws, we are no longer allowed to offer map services for the representation of ship positions. We are sorry that we can no longer provide this service.
Ship’s Radar allows you to explore ships, waterways, ports and canals worldwide and determine the exact position and data of ships. The map can be easily moved with the left mouse button. By clicking on the ships one can retrieve their detail information and further deepen if desired. With the handy zoom feature, you can always keep track of things and pinpoint a target area. All ads are live and updated in real time. In the illustration, ships and boats are distinguished by ship type based on the unique color. The ship’s radar is also available as a handy app on the go.

Shipradar - What information do I get?

The ship radar offers you not only the display of ships and boats of various kinds, the possibility to zoom in or out in an area. Each ship on the map can also be clicked to provide more information about the ship, such as flag, name, status, speed, draft, nearest port and pictures of the ship. Marinetraffic also offers you additional features, such as a magnifying glass search, ship-type filtering and additional display options like lighthouses, harbors, course display and much more. In addition to ships, one can also observe certain regions or sea areas, such as the North Sea or the Baltic Sea. With the Harbor Radar , you can take a closer look at ports, such as Hamburg or Cuxhaven .

Shipradar - ship numbers

Ships can be clearly identified by the ship number. The so-called IMO number (International Maritime Organization) is composed of the abbreviation “IMO” and a seven-digit number, so for example IMO-1234567. The marking is already given during the construction phase. It applies to the entire life of the ship, even if a ship is renamed once. The number must be attached to the hull and in the engine room.
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