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The Ship Radar app from Marinetraffic offers tracking and monitoring of ships on the go around the clock. The app convinces with its functionality and look. The reviews in the app stores speak for themselves and confirm that the purchase of the app is worthwhile. In addition to its ease of use, the app offers enormous functionality, which is similar to the web-based radarmap even better.

Shipradar App Features

The Marinetraffic app shows the position of ships and yachts worldwide in real time. The app covers virtually all ports and shipping routes as it works with the world’s largest network of AIS receivers.

✅ View of ships and maritime objects on the live map

✅ Search for ships, boats and ports

✅ Display of distances between ships, as well as predicted course

✅ Over 170,000 ship positions per day

✅ Current wind conditions and wind forecasts for the next 48 hours

✅ Animated playback of completed ship routes

✅ arrivals, departures & amp; current conditions for more than 4000 ports

Verwalten Manage your own ship list with favorites
✅ Over 1.5 million photos of ships, boats, harbors, lighthouses and other objects

Currently the app is only available in English for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Shipradar App Conclusion

Schiffsradar AppThe Shipradar app prevails against numerous competitors, which can be seen above all in the reviews. The price of the app is absolutely justified due to the really successful implementation. There are regular updates and improvements. The one-time investment is therefore really rewarding, even if you just want to spend some time. Depending on how intensively you use the app, it can come due to the many information and representations to a high consumption of data.


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