Mein Schiff ❤

Commissioning: 1997

Passengers: 1912

Mein Schiff 1

Commissioning: 2018

Passengers: 2894

Mein Schiff 2

Commissioning: 2019

Passengers: 2894

Mein Schiff 3

Commissioning: 2014

Passengers: 2506

Mein Schiff 4

Commissioning: 2015

Passengers: 2506

Mein Schiff 5

Commissioning: 2015

Passengers: 2534

Mein Schiff 6

Commissioning: 2016

Passengers: 2534

Mein Schiff App - for iOS and Android

TUI Cruises offers an app for the Mein Schiff fleet, which makes it easy to plan your next cruise. In addition to general information on all ships, there is also information about the itineraries, as well as the possibility during the trip to book additional services conveniently via the app. Mein Schiff App

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about TUI Cruises

TUI Cruises is a German cruise company from Hamburg and was founded in April 2008 as a joint venture with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. founded. The first ship named “My Ship 1” was put into service in 2009, followed in 2011 by the second. Both ships were taken over and rebuilt by another shipping company. Since then almost every year a newly built cruise ship follows. The offer of TUI Cruises is located in the premium area between club and traditional cruises as a 4 ½ star offer.
TUI Mein Schiff

TUI Cruises Cruiseships

Mein Schiff ❤91063027801912131997
Mein Schiff 1978356411002894162018
Mein Schiff 2978357611002894162019
Mein Schiff 3964173010002506152014
Mein Schiff 4967840810002506152015
Mein Schiff 5975319310002534152016
Mein Schiff 6975320810302534152017
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