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On you can track the position of all kinds of ships worldwide live and in real time. These include cargo ships, tankers, passenger ships / Cruise ships, speedboats, tugboats, fishing boats, leisure boats and unspecified boats.


Detailed information can be accessed for each ship or boat, such as the name, type of ship, country of origin, speed and status. You will also find live webcams for many ships. The information can be expanded further (attention, you will leave our website) and get to The ships can be tracked from anywhere, whether at home on a PC or on the go on a mobile phone.

What else does offer me?

AidaOn our website you can find ships in the North Sea, Baltic Sea or in the Mediterranean Sea without having to search for it yourself. We also use the harbor radar to show you shipping traffic in Hamburg, Amsterdam and Cuxhaven.


You can also display the most famous cruise ships directly. So we list all AIDA ships and provide useful background information about each AIDA cruise ship. If you want to know more about Marinetraffic, Vesselfinder or the ship radar app, you can also find information about this from us.

How does ship tracking work?

With the help of Marinetraffic or Vesselfinder allows you to identify and track all types of ships worldwide using the radar map. You can easily select a desired area by moving it with the mouse. By zooming in you can specifically track individual ships and click on them to get detailed information. To search for a specific ship, Marinetraffic offers a search that opens by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol.


You can then enter the ship number or the name of the ship you would like to search for. Marinetraffic will then suggest all the ships that match the search term. After selecting the ship, the radar map is zoomed to the ship’s position and the ship’s information is displayed directly. Edit text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

How do I recognize the different types of ships?

The types of ships are differentiated based on their color. At Marinetraffic, green stands for freight & Merchant ships, red for tankers, blue for passenger ships or cruise ships, yellow for speedboats, turquoise for tugboats, orange for fishing boats, pink for leisure boats and gray for undefined ships or boats.


The color allocation can be called up again using the filter function and allows you to filter which ships or boats are shown on the map based on the ship type. For each ship you can also see the details of what type of ship it is.


With Vesselfinder the colors are displayed differently. Here yellow stands for cargo ships, orange for tankers, red for military, light green for passenger and cruise ships, turquoise for fishing boats, dark green for speedboats, pink for yachts and sailing ships and gray for unspecified ships or boats.

What is the difference between Marinetraffic and Vesselfinder?

Basically, both services offer the same function in terms of ship tracking, but differ greatly in the details. Marinetraffic offers fundamentally more functions such as searching or filtering ships. In addition, the representation is different and the available ships also differ in that both use a different database.


There are also differences in the list of details about a ship, for example Vesselfinder shows which one at a glance A ship is heading to the port. Both services also have a mobile version for iOS or Android. The links to the respective app store can be found directly in the respective radar map.

Follow ship traffic while you're on the move

Thanks to the practical Ship Radar App, ship movements can be tracked on the move, even on the move. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Although the app is chargeable, it offers die-hard ship traffic observers all sorts of features and is specifically tailored to display global shipping traffic on mobile devices.

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