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Live Webcam Queen Mary 2

Here you can see the current view of the Queen Mary 2 from the ship’s bowcam . The image is automatically updated at regular intervals. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the termination in which the image is updated, as this is provided by the owner, the Cunard Line.

Queen Mary 2 Shipdata

Queen Mary 2
Port of registryHamilton
Shipping companyCunard Line Ltd.
OwnerCarnival Corporation
Length345,03 m
Width48,7 m
Draughtmax. 10,3 m
Speed30 Knots
Deadweight19189 t
The Queen Mary 2 is one of the largest cruise ships in the world and the flagship of the traditional British shipping company Cunard Line . It was put into service in 2003 and most recently modernized in 2016 in Hamburg. It offers space for 2620 passengers on 13 decks, cared for by 1250 employees. It is the only remaining transatlantic liner to undertake 6-day service flights between Southampton, Hamburg and New York. Most information is also available in German on the ship, but basic English is recommended.


The indoor and outdoor cabins have 15sqm, the balcony cabins 23sqm. In addition, there are various suites up to the luxury class, which are 35-209 square meters. Guests of the suites receive exclusive access to separate areas on board the ship.

Queen Mary 2 Construction

The Queen Mary has been designed to allow you to pass the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York, as this is the lowest obstacle on the New York – Southampton route. When the ship passes the bridge, the distance between the bridge and the bridge is the highest point of the ship just 2 meters. The ship was designed especially for the Atlantic crossing, so the material thickness is 30mm. Hull and superstructures are made of steel. The life of the ship is designed for 40 years. The number of lifeboats at 37 is actually not the safety standard, but for the Queen Mary 2 was granted a waiver. The public areas such as cinema, dining room or theater are, unlike other cruise ships, within the Rumfkontur on the first decks. The standard cabins are located above, as well as the higher-quality cabins, as well as bars, restaurants and the spa area.

Machines and technical equipment

The machinery of the Queen Mary 2 can be described as unique among the multitude of cruise liners. The electric drive consists of six generators powered by four 16-cylinder diesel engines and two gas turbines. The electric motors, each with a capacity of 16,800 kW, drive four huge ship propellers and allow a speed of about 25 to 30 knots. The consumption is about 500 tons of fuel per day.


  • Inside cabin – 18 m², 1-4 Persons
  • Outside cabin – 18 m², 1-4 Persons
  • Balcony cabin – 25 m², 1-5 Persons
  • Junior Suite – 35 m², 1-5 Persons
  • Suite with balcon – 47 m², 1-5 Persons
  • Theme Suite – 70-209 m², 1-6 Persons

Restaurants, Bars & Highlights

  • 8 Restaurants & Bistros
  • 13 Bars & Lounges
  • 650 Meter Joggingcourt
  • Wellness
  • Fitness-Center
  • Golf-Simulator
  • Planetarium & Auditorium
  • Royal Court Theatre
Innenkabine - Queen Mary 2
Inside cabin
Aussenkabine - Queen Mary 2
Outside cabin
Balkonkabine - Queen Mary 2
Balcony cabin
Suite - Queen Mary 2

Videos: Dining Guide + all 3 Queens - Queen Mary 2

The following videos should help you to get a better impression of the Queen Mary 2. In addition to an exciting reportage about the cruise ship, the tour shows you the complete ship.

Shipdecks - Queen Mary 2

Here you have an overview of all the ship’s decks of the Queen Mary 2, which are accessible to passengers. The decks scroll automatically, but of course they can also be clicked through manually.

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